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Cities of Rwanda

Rwanda Fact File
  • Language

    English (official), Setswana (national), plus other local Languages.

  • Time Zone & Int.Dialing Code

    GMT + 2, Code + 267

  • Visas

    Visas are not required by most nationalities.

  • Health

    Proof of a yellow fever vaccination may be required when entering Botswana from elsewhere in Africa, but not by those coming directly from Europe or North America. Malaria is present in most parts of the country and prophylactic drugs are strongly recommended. Bottled water is widely available.

  • Money

    The unit of currency is the Botswana Pula (BWP).

  • Safety

    Botswana is very safe, and unless you go looking for trouble, you are unlikely to witness crime in the country.

  • Getting There

    There are no direct flights from the UK to Botswana; Johannesburg is the best gateway and offers good connections to Gaborone with British Airways, South African Airways, and Virgin Atlantic all have regular direct flights between Johannesburg and London.

  • Getting Around

    Botswana's main towns and centers of population are linked by an excellent network of good tar roads, making self-drive trips in normal saloon cars a great way to explore. You can cover large distances relatively fast and cheaply, especially if you're sharing one vehicle. While a 2WD car can get you to the fringes of the Okavango Delta and the Tuli Block, and into parts of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park from Upington in South Africa, you'll need to arrange alternative 4WD transport to delve into most national parks and wilderness areas. Thankfully this is possible, making self-drive 2WD a good way to link the main sights. Self-drive 4WD: To get yourself around most of Botswana's national parks and the more interesting wilderness areas, you'll need a 4WD equipped with food, fuel and camping equipment. Crucially, you'll also need the bush experience to know how to use the 4WD properly, as well as the competence to deal with any problems along the way.

  • Books

    Bradt's Botswana guidebook by Chris McIntyre (3rd ed, 2010) Lonely Planet's Botswana & Namibia by Matthew Firestone and Adam Karlin (2nd ed, 2010)

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